KONSTANTIN Articulates Today's Contemporary Materials And Design With An Artisanal Touch Of ‘Heritage’ 

KONSTANTIN is homeware brand specialised on exquisite marble and brass artisanship. Each collection is designed by a collective of professionals with passion, who have more than 20 years of experience in the field of design, manufacturing and as well as art. Thus, acting as a collective studio; KONSTANTIN curates design objects that are simple yet sophisticated while they indulge in eastern cultural heritage with a western curation; just like continents meet under one empire. Arised and conceptually originated in the city of I.Constantine, once Constantinopolis, today's Istanbul and the studio operates in London.
In our online gallery you will find a curated collection of accessories and furniture pieces for a sophisticated final touch into your interiors.

KONSTANTIN has various curated collections; ELEMENTS, TERRAZZO, FIGURINE for everyday use and COLLECTIBLES for limited edition pieces. In our collections, we articulate the notion of heritage and harmonise it with magnetic feels and looks of marble and brass. ELEMENTS Series appeals to your everyday sophistication; simple yet elegant daily use products are served. FIGURINE Series is the exquisite collection of brass artisanship uniting with the elegance of marble. 
COLLECTIBLES Series is a limited edition furniture collection that are produced by finest craftsmanship with contemporary design details by Dila Gokalp. Lead designer Dila Gokalp, is award-winning architect and founder of Dila Gokalp Architecture & Interiors Ltd. London. Mrs. Gokalp designs and handpicks expressive interiors accessories and decor pieces in order to create an exquisite collection. 
Please contact us for your tailor-made orders and for our Interior Design Styling service.